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Daycare cleaning services in Minnesota

Daycare facilities are notorious for collecting germs—but yours doesn’t have to. Regular deep-cleanings by professionals are a perk to your business that all your clients will love. If you can assure parents that your daycare environment is safe, healthy, and clean, you will win their trust and ensure a good relationship with the families your daycare serves.


A well-maintained daycare

Relax knowing your playspace is clean! We’ll make sure that everything from classrooms to kitchens, playrooms to diaper changing areas, tile floors to carpets are sanitary and ready for children. By using safe cleaning supplies and paying attention to the smallest details, we’ll get rid of the harmful bacteria and viruses that could threaten the safety of the children you care for.


Benefits of our cleaning services include:


  • Schedule consistent cleanings, as often as daily
  • Receive a written record of the services we performed for you
  • Inspector on-call during the week for cleaning emergencies
  • Optimal quality control
  • Excellent customer service

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