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Cleaner floors and carpets

We're your trusty floor scrubber

Many companies have a large or small high traffic area and will need to have their floors professionally cleaned and scrubbed. Leone’s Building Service can help you maintain your facility's professional appearance. No job is too small when it comes to scrubbing. Cleaning staff will scrub the smallest restroom to the largest warehouse. We are very flexible in suiting your business needs by pricing a job for a one-time service or as a daily, ongoing job.
portable truckmount carpet cleanerWe're also one of the few companies that has a portable truckmount carpet cleaner. What is a truckmount? It's a deep-cleaning, industrial vacuum that uses hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, and is typically mounted to the floor of a van or trailer. The vacuum and cleaning wand are connected by hoses that a run into a building to get the job done. But with our portable truckmount, we can eliminate the hoses running everywhere and we're not limited to how far the hoses stretch.

For the shiniest floors around, Leone's Building Service is your best bet! We'll bet your office floor has never been scrubbed so thoroughly!

 cleanmaster floor cleanerSee how our Cleanmaster CM402LP
 can really make your floors sparkle! 

Carpet Cleaner: Minneapolis's best pick

carpet-cleaner-minneapolisGreat looking and clean smelling carpets can really add to a company’s image. Our commercial carpet cleaning services can give you that clean carpet look that your company is trying to achieve.

Many unprofessionally cleaned carpets are maintained with a variety of insufficient cleaning products. If not cleaned properly, these products can stay in your carpet for years. Leone’s Building Service will begin with a warm water extraction. The warm water extraction will send warm water into the carpet to loosen all of the old cleaning product that may be hidden deep inside. The water is then extracted from your carpet once, twice, or even three times until all of the old soap or other products embedded in the carpet is completely gone. 

You’ll be amazed at how clean your carpet looks after this procedure. The final process is to analyze the carpet to decide if a scrubbing process, with or without soap, will be needed. You will be amazed by the difference a freshly cleaned and fresh smelling carpet can make.

Stripping and Waxing

professional-floor-care-in-minneapolisLeone’s Building Service believes that a shiny, new-looking floor always looks great and boosts company morale. With all new clients, their initial Stripping and Waxing service will strip any previous wax, all the way down to the floors original surface. The process starts by sealing the floor with two coats of sealer. Once the sealer has dried, four to six coats of wax are applied. Leone’s Building Service uses only the highest quality products. Johnson Wax is their preferred product, but other options are considered if it is appropriate for your application. Leone’s Building Service also offers a very flexible service schedule. They can conveniently come in and complete your procedure after your company’s regular business hours. Leone’s Building Service will also keep a close eye on your floors and give you a reminder notice when a floor needs attention.