Don’t Forget These Spring Cleaning Tips

Do you have spring fever? Are you running around the house cleaning like mad? I don’t blame you, it is abnormally warm in Minnesota right now! You may think your home is now spotlessly clean, but there are some spring cleaning tasks that are often forgotten…

Did you clean these things during your spring cleaning spree?

Your Fridge

The fridge is often overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning. Clean out expired food and reorganize your fridge. Make sure to vacuum the coils in the back too. Your fridge will perform better and you’ll have more space.

Your Grill

You will be grilling in no time! Check to make sure you have propane and clean every inch of your grill.

Your Windows

Did you clean both sides of your window? Many people forget to clean the outside of their windows. You may have to hire professional window cleaners for second story windows.

The Couch Cushions

Your couch collected a lot of crumbs during the winter. Don’t look in between the cushions, just shove your vacuum in the cracks!

Your Blinds

Blinds collect a lot of dust. Get a swiffer or a hand towel to clean between every blind.

Your Shoe Closet

Your shoes collect a lot of sand and salt throughout the winter. Take everything out of the closet and deep clean the area. This is also a great time to put your winter boots away and yank out the flip-flops.

Your Pets

When was the last time your pets had a bath? Don’t let a dirty animal mess up your carpet and furniture. Clean their bedding and organize their toys.

Your Pantry

Go through and look for any expired food. Donate any food that you don’t think you’ll eat and reorganize the food you want to keep.

The Garage

Your garage is filthy from the winter. Sweep out all of the salt and gravel and rotate your winter and summer things.

Your Car

Many spring cleaners forget this one. Your car needs a good cleaning after winter! Try to clean or change out your car mats and vacuum out your car.

Your Computer

How many emails are in your inbox? Is your desktop full of programs and downloads? Try to organize your computer, it will boost your productivity.

Your Dishwasher

Clean the thing that cleans your dishes! Add 2 cups of white vinegar to your dishwasher to a low wash.

If you have already cleaned all of these things, you are the spring cleaning queen (or king)!

Your workplace needs some spring cleaning too. Give Leone’s a call for any of your commercial cleaning service needs. We can set a customized plan and schedule for you. We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.

Are we forgetting a spring cleaning tip that is often forgotten? Let us know!