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leones-ownersLeone's Building Service has received numerous praise and critical acclaim for their exceptional service in every service area. Cleaning staff are thoroughly trained with a very simple motto: "If it's dirty, we clean it.™" They will always stay until the job is complete.

Our Special Services team received a #1 rating for simply being the best. The Special Services team goes above and beyond by providing a written outline on the finished tasks that were performed. Whether they clean your carpet, spruce up your office, strip and wax your floors, or attend to any other needs you might have, you will have a record of the tasks that were completed. The whole Special Services team will also sign this written outline for a personal touch and to also establish accountability.

Our Building Inspectors received the #1 rating in service by "being there." The Building Inspectors work when you do and inspect your building between the hours of 8am to 5pm. If anyone in your company has a specific need, they will be there! Guaranteed!

Great work starts with the workers

Why is Leone’s Building Service the best?
Leone's cleaning staff are properly trained. Most importantly, they're loyal. It shocks people to see 16 years of loyalty to the company by one couple! Leone's Building Service also gives its cleaners the best equipment and supplies; you cannot do the job without good supplies and a clean closet. For more information about a specific service, check out our services: 

Janitorial services
Floor care and carpet cleaning
Window washing
Construction clean-up