5 Things You Should Always Do at Work

Are you doing these things at work? You should be.

The office is where you spend most of your time during the weekdays. Sometimes it may seem easier to check in and check out, and let things get a little messy. To help you be the most productive, here are 5 tips that should make your work life a little easier. 

#1 Take breaks

Sitting at your desk straight for 8 hours isn’t productive for your mind or body. Brain breaks actually boost your productivity. While exercise breaks can keep you alert, boost your creativity, and help with heart health. There are plenty of studies out there that you can show your boss, if they don’t believe that breaks can be productive. Try to get a 5-10 minute break every hour- seriously it really helps!

#2 Keep your office area clear

A messy desk may look like you’re busy, but it really won’t help you get work done. Have a designated spot for everything. If you aren’t currently using it, put it away. This will help you focus and it also looks appealing for any visitors. If it’s been a while, go through your desk and get rid of any junk you don’t need.

#3 Put things away – right away

Organization goes hand-in-hand with productivity. Whether it is a piece of paper, email, or electronic file, putting it into it’s proper folder right away will boost your productivity. Then you won’t waste time searching for it later.

#4 Have a routine

A routine will help you stay on track. Have your morning coffee as you go through emails. Complete your most difficult tasks right away. Go for a walk after lunch. Creating a routine and sticking to it will reduce procrastination. It will also give you things to look forward throughout the day. Another benefit is people will know when you are and aren’t available, which means less distractions throughout the day.

#5 Clean your equipment every week

Your keyboard and mouse (or whatever equipment you use) can get quite nasty over the period of a week. Cleaning your office equipment will make you and your office look and feel cleaner. That way if anyone needs to borrow anything, they won’t be grossed out. Weekly cleaning will also improve the longevity of your equipment.