10 Tips For Keeping a Tidy Office

Look around your office right now. Do you see any dust on your computer screen? Maybe a trash bin that’s overflowing? It can be hard to think straight and be productive in a messy work environment. A tidy office equals an organized and efficient office. So here are 10 terrific things you can do to keep your office space in tip-top shape!

cleaning the office space gppd31) Put cleaning wipes in convenient places for quick access. Having some disinfectant and/or computer wipes discreetly hidden in a high traffic area can go a long way. That way customers can see a dust-free screen, and germs around the workplace will stop in their tracks. Also, when it comes to cleaning your computer, make sure you’re using the right product. Check out our “How to Clean Your Computer Without Damaging It” article for all the details.

2) Have a place for everything and enforce it. Giving every item a spot that makes it readily available. Organization cuts down on time wasted looking around for supplies, and labeling your storage areas is a good way to remind you of where everything is.

3) Keep desks clear. Yes, having a million pictures of the family or your favorite action figures on your desk may make you feel at home, but this is work. Try to keep only the necessities around your desk and keep the knick-knacks on a shelf.

4) Keep any eating areas clean. That means any dishes should be cleaned immediately after use and tables should be wiped down. This is fast and easy, and will also keep any bugs at bay.

5) Keep a schedule. Making someone do a chore during the week can give your employee a cleaning break and keep the office looking fresh. Things like watering plants and keeping napkins stocked are easy to do.

6) Keep your floors spotless. Vacuuming or sweeping often keeps your office looking fresh, and will help give your clients a nice first impression when they come in.

7) Have the supply closet organized. This allows employees to find things quickly, and to easily see when supplies may be getting low.

8) Dust everywhere. Dusting frequently is good for your office machines and the health of your workers who may be sensitive to dust.

9) Make the office easy to maneuver around. Ever noticed any traffic jams in the office? Or a weird way of walking to something? Consider moving around any desks or furniture. It can breathe new life into your office, and make things more productive.

10) Keep clutter away! Think about any cluttered areas and try to design some sort of sorting system. Don’t let stacks of papers or post-it notes sit around. It distracts you and may look unprofessional to clients.

And a bonus tip!

11) We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest using a professional office cleaner on a regular basis. Whether your office needs weekly window cleaning and janitorial services or semi-annual carpet cleaning, a professional cleaner is easy, reliable and affordable if you pick the right one!

Also, if you’re looking for ways to reduce waste or recycle more at your office, check out our “Simple Ways to Reduce Office Waste” article.

Happy Cleaning!

(Photo Credit: http://diyhealth.com/office-space-germ-free.html)