10 Clever Tips To Make Cleaning More Fun

I know this may sound crazy, but I like cleaning. I don’t see it as a chore at all. I always set aside some time on Sundays to tidy up my humble abode. Why on earth would I do that? Well, because I like make cleaning fun.

Everyone loves a fresh and tidy house, but they don’t usually like the work it entails. Here are my tips on how to make cleaning more efficient and enjoyable at the same time.

  1. Pick out the comfiest clothes you own that can get dirty. You need to be able to maneuver without worrying about your clothes.
  2. Equip yourself with your weapons–your cleaning weapons that is. An apron can be handy to hold gloves, rags, and spray.
  3. Next, make a quick list of things you need to clean.
  4. Then, pick out your jams! Cleaning goes much faster when you are bouncing around to a beat.
  5. Open up your windows. No one likes to be choking on those harsh cleaning chemicals. Getting some air into the house can really freshen things up.
  6. After that, get your family and roommates to join in. The more the merrier, and the quicker things will get done.
  7. Do the worst first. Don’t like to scrub the toilet? Get the tough scrubbing out of the way and it will make everything after seem like a breeze.
  8. Organize while you clean. When you are picking things up to dust under them, put them back in their original place. You’ll be happy to know where the remote is later when you want to relax and watch TV.
  9. Make a game out cleaning. Whether it is throwing dirty towels across the room into a basket, or playing broom hockey while sweeping, games will liven things up.
  10. Lastly, don’t over do it. No one wants to clean the house all day, so don’t. Taking a few hours every week can save you from the monthly dread of cleaning. Regular cleaning will keep dust and clutter down too.

Are you done? Then you can finally reward yourself! The best part about cleaning is relaxing in the newly spruced up place. Next time you see some dust, remember these tips. You might find yourself enjoying it, too.